Drug and Alcohol Policy

Shorelands Group recognises the importance of safety for its personnel and contractors, it has adopted a strict policy in relation to being under the influence of drugs & alcohol in the workplace. All staff will adhere to the following policy while employed at Shorelands Group workplaces.

All Shorelands Group personnel must present to work with a zero blood alcohol level and not under the influence drugs.


Alcohol will not be carried or consumed on any Shorelands Group property or vessel without the express permission of Management. Alcohol will not be consumed in any vehicle, plant or equipment at any time.


The different types of testing that staff and contractors could be subjected to are:

  • Pre-Employment testing – Depending on contract conditions and location of the work site, the Shorelands Group may require both drug and alcohol testing as a pre-requisite to employment.
  • Mandatory testing – Mandatory breathalyser testing may be carried out for persons travelling offshore or on some specific sites.  Such personnel are advised not to drink alcohol the day before, as there is a zero tolerance and a positive result may restrict future access to that site.
  • Random drug & alcohol testing – This may be carried out when travelling to some offshore facilities and some specific sites.  Management reserves the right to conduct testing on any of the company workplaces at any time.
  • Reasonable cause testing – Supervisors and managers may, if they have reasonable cause, arrange for drug & alcohol testing to be undertaken.  All persons must contact the Manager Corporate Services who is the DAMP supervisor for the Shorelands Group to ratify reasonable cause which may be if someone smells of alcohol or other drugs and their behaviour suggests they may have been drinking or taking illicit drugs.
  • Post-incident testing – This is company policy across the group whenever there is a major accident or incident where there is concern or doubt that drugs or alcohol may have been a contributing factor.

Equipment and Testing Personnel

Alcohol and drug testing will only be done on calibrated machines and / or using test equipment that is certified under the latest relevant Australian Standard and by trained and competent personnel.

Ramifications for Non-Compliance

Shorelands Group has a Zero Tolerance on illicit drugs. All personnel who fail a drug or alcohol test will be terminated from the workplace. Termination of employment is immediate at the discretion of the Managing Director. Confidential counselling may be offered to personnel by an approved external provider.


If it is felt that an alcohol or drug reading is wrong, the employee can request to be re-tested after 30 minutes on a different machine.