We will increase the skills of our personnel through training to ensure a more effective understanding of environmental issues and the management of the environment during operations, particularly in regard to:

  • The use and storage of chemicals and fuels;
  • The recycling and disposal of waste in safe, clean and efficient manner;
  • Pesticide operations;
  • The carriage and disposal of waste including hazardous and infectious waste and waste water;
  • The conduct of regular environmental reviews of all our operations.

Develop and maintain environmental standards for use by all our operations and comply with applicable laws and regulation by implementing the following:

  • Investigate and report fully upon any areas of environmental concern or any mishaps or accidents, and;
  • Consider the environmental impact of any new proposed operations and the environmental impact of continuing present operations;
  • Identifying new procedures and or equipment which will improve our environmental footprint;
  • All persons who are responsible for the work activities of other employees will be held accountable for the implementation of this policy.

Shorelands Group encourages all staff, irrespective of their position, to maintain a positive attitude and performance with respect to the environment as it affects the workplace and the community.