Quality Policy

Shorelands Group is a Darwin-based, privately owned company. The Company’s aim is to provide reliable and courteous customers services while continuing to achieve a steady growth in the marketplace.

We will increase the skills of our personnel through training to ensure a more effective understanding of environmental issues and the management of the environment during operations, particularly in regard to:

  • Shorelands Group market competitiveness is maintained by providing customers with outstanding services.
  • The community and the environment are protected through the use of best available practices which meet or exceed all statutory requirements.
  • Shorelands Group is recognised as an ethical and safe operator and a competitive force in the field of vehicle and equipment hire, base logistics, fuel sales and marine logistical resupply.
  • We make the best use of employees’ individual skills in a team environment, develop their talents through ongoing training and protect them through best practice workplace health and safety standards.
  • We strive towards ongoing process improvement as a basis for strengthening our competitive position and for improving our product quality and service standards.

Shorelands Group encourages all staff, irrespective of their position, to maintain a positive attitude and performance with respect to the environment as it affects the workplace and the community.