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Terex AT-15 Franna

All Terrain Pick & Carry AT-15
  • 15t
  • 9.71m
  • 17.91m
  • 15.86m
  • Mercedes OM 906 EUROMOT 3a turbo charged and intercooled diesel engine with hinged engine cover and mid cover for easy serviceability, 170kW.
  • L: 9.225 m x W: 2.470m x H: 2.985m

The Franna AT-15 provides all the features, to class it as a true general-purpose crane. Australian designed and built, All Terrain Pick and Carry mobile crane sets high standards in performance, reliability and quality. From its exceptional abilities on the most rugged terrain, or travelling at 85 kph the AT-15 has earned the reputation as an exceptional crane.

Features include Synchronised power boom extension and power pinned manual extension, exclusive slew brake attachment allows the operator to slew the crane through 80° whilst the crane is stationary, 0 mm front and 90 mm rear bumpers with recessed headlight and tail light assembly and 3B6 Load moment indicator with audio/visual overload pre-warning.