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  • UNIC UR-W376C 3T
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  • Max 3.03T at 2.5m
  • Min 0.62m Max 14.45m
  • Min. 3.63m to Max.14.61m
  • 360* continuous rotation on ball bearing race
  • 2.5 rpm
  • 0-3.0Km/h forward/backwards
  • 23*
  • 15.17kw/2500rpm rated output
  • 36.3kPa (0.37kgf/cm2
  • 1300m W x 1800mm H x 4340mm L
  • 3860kg

UR-W376C features a six-section hydraulic boom to allow a maximum hook height of 14.9m. The middle size UNIC mini-crawler crane can be operated either from the onboard operator seat or from a distance using a remote control. Its classleading boom length of 14.61m brings wide working radius and excellent lifting height.