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  • 135t
  • 20t
  • 722t/m
  • 16m–76m
  • 13m–31m
  • 30–80
  • 30–80
  • 120 m/min max. single line speed (no load, at 5th layer)
  • 2*45 m/min max. single line speed (no load, at 3rd layer)
  • 1.5 r/min
  • 1.3 Km/h
  • 30%
  • 0.089 Mpa
  • 206 kW
  • 122t (as a whole including main hook block and 16m boom)
  • 37t (in travel configuration)
  • L: 11m x W: 3m x H: 3m (in travel configuration)

This is a new large-tonnage mobile crane, a six-axle carrier with three for drive and four for steering. It has good off-road capability and optimised oviform boom profile with excellent lifting capacity. Control system with program logic controller (PLC) is reliable and precise; application of new technology such as self-erecting combined counterweight and tilt-able operator’s cab greatly improves the whole performance, making operation more comfortable and convenient. The XCMG QY 130K truck crane is suitable for lifting operation and installation work in plants, mines, ports, construction sites and many other applications.