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  • UNIC UR 255CA 2.5T
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UNIC UR 255CA 2.5T

  • 2.5t
  • Min 0.54m to Max. 6.76m
  • Retracted: 2.15m Extended: 6.94m
  • 360* continuous rotation on ball bearing race
  • Min: 1.5km/h Max 3.2km/h
  • 20*
  • 7.5ps/2000rpm
  • 0.037Mpa (0.38kgf/cm2)
  • 1060mm
  • 1590kg

Mini Crawler Crane 2.5T

Shorelands provide lifting solutions for challenging environments such as tight and restricted access, enclosed spaces and surfaces with difficult ground conditions and weight limitation ask about out mini crawler cranes.